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Hiring a scheduling assistant is the most cost-effective way to get the appointments you need without the added cost of hiring internal employees.

SchedulePros has provided personalized outsourced scheduling services for clients in multiple industries for over 10 years. 

We specialize in setting appointments for Recruiters, Employment Candidates, Financial Wholesalers, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, and Sales Representatives in a variety of industries.

Our team of specialized schedulers is dedicated to providing an elite level of customized service for every client. The schedulers are professional, experienced and results oriented. Every client has a dedicated scheduler diligently scheduling all appointments. 

Our business model and outstanding reputation for client satisfaction has defined the standard for distinguished scheduling services nationwide. SchedulePros combines industry expertise, innovative technology and an excessive dedication to client satisfaction to deliver the best scheduling service available. We aren't just scheduling assistants. We are experts in our field. 


Stacy Morrison


Stacy Morrison is the President of SchedulePros Inc., a Boston based scheduling firm. Ms. Morrison is responsible for the oversight and strategic direction of the firm, which she founded in 2005. Prior to founding SchedulePros, Ms. Morrison was responsible for financial services recruiting at Fidelity Investments, a global investment management firm. In that role, she conducted face-to-face interviews with candidates for financial advisors in Fidelity's branch network.  Ms. Morrison was instrumental in the rapid build out of the branch network across the east coast of the United States. Prior to that, Ms. Morrison was in charge of Financial and Technology recruiting for Romac International and First National Marketing group, Boston based staffing agencies. She began her career in the accounting division of State Street Bank in Quincy Massachusetts in 1995. Ms. Morrison holds a BA in Business from Framingham State College.

Ms. Morrison recognized the need for scheduling services during her corporate career and took her financial background and entrepreneurial spirit to a new level by founding SchedulePros. She has built the business strictly on referrals from extremely satisfied clients. She knows firsthand the importance of the scheduling function in the financial service business. Her background in staffing is a core strength in finding the best talent for her clients.



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